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Merry Christmas!

HO HO HO and Happy Holidays!

The Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary is happy to announce that we have a new sign on Bradley Road!  Alpacas at Windy Hill and Faith & Fleece Alpacas are still alive and well, but our focus for 2024 is finding out how we can best serve our community through our non-profit (501c3).

At times The Good Shepherd is presented with requests to help with alpaca herds, either due to dog or animal attacks, family changes, and financial crises. 

We also use donations to provide special events for those that come here, and help with veterinary and other supplies. We are hoping to build a Tucker-proof area to keep him safe and secure while we receive hay deliveries and host events that serve food.  

Your donations to the Good Shepherd are tax deductible.  Thanks in advance for your consideration, and as always, your prayers are appreciated.

And if you are unable to donate at this time, please encourage your friends to shop at our Holiday Boutique this coming Saturday from 10am - 3pm.  :-)   A portion of sales will go to support the mission of the Good Shepherd.

We have been blessed with 2 new crias born the 1st of November.  Daisy was born to Faline owned by Suzanne Fischetti, and Nutmeg was born to Sugar & Spice owned by Patty Schewe and Cheryl Bean.  All alpaca mothers and “Granpacas” are beaming with delight!  Be sure to stop and enjoy their antics next time you are here.

Our Veteran Intern, Rae Avarena camein 1st place in a Warrior Competition.  Rae is an Army Veteran, and beat all the other contestants  (even the men!) in this comprehensive physical and academic competition,  Congratulations, Rae!

We attended the Gold Country Gathering and California Classic Shows in October.  We were excited to have 4 girls join us from our clients and 4-H Club.  The girls showed almost all of the alpacas, and did it with aplomb and professionalism.  We were proud of them and of the ribbons the alpaca came home with.  It was a fantastic show. We hope to have more people come with us next time.  It’s so much fun!


We have several  opportunities to visit the ranch coming up.  Vacations and Holidays are upon us, so we invite you to join us for one or more of our activities.

Classes in Knitting and other Fiber Arts  

Our knitting teacher is MaryRose Gray, Marmalade’s owner. MaryRose teaches knitting in a Waldorf-style classroom and plans to offer a series of knitting classes at the ranch in 2024.

Several of you have asked for Suzanne Fischetti to teach another Needle-Felting Class.  We’ll let you know as soon as we have a date for that.

The Alpaca Experience, all about alpacas, the alpaca business, and how you can get involved— sign up on the Calendar on the front page—  This is a great way for your friends to learn about what you do here at the ranch.

The Alpaka Trek, a hands-on ranch tour leading an alpaca-- sign up online, then make an appointment by calling or emailing—  The Trek is designed for groups of up to 4 so that everyone gets to spend quality time with an alpaca.

Peace in the Pasture— a calming day retreat.

We have an Etsy store: AlpacasRFun!  It features my own artwork in drawings and fiber arts.  It also features my new coloring book!

Fun fact:  You probably already knew that alpacas can help you feel better.  An organization called Heart Math has done extensive scientific research into the workings of our hearts and those of our animal friends. They have found that the herd animals in particular have a high degree of “coherence” in their heart beats—their hearts beat in a calmer, steadier pattern most of the time (unless they are frightened or in flight).  The vibrations put off by their steady heart beats can actually help regulate and calm our own hearts when we are around them.

But you knew that.  That’s why most of us love to be around alpacas.  I just thought it was fun to hear that science can now back up what we already knew.

Have a beautiful Holiday Season.  All our best wishes and we hope to see you soon!

Cindy and the crew