Alpacas at Windy Hill

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Tractor Fun!

Our new tractor has arrived! It's a Kubota and we love it . (can you see the silly grin on Don's face??)
We have transformed the ranch in new ways in just 3 days.

Project yourself on the tractor as Don rototills some of the pastures. Feel the sun on your face, the smell of damp earth after the rain, the vibration--and thuds and lurches-- as you ride along with him. lol

Not all the alpacas were happy to see him, but nobody escaped when we let him through the gates. The girls in N11 didn't quite know what to do with the disappearing hard-pan they were used to. I bet they'll know what to do with the new grass that starts popping up, though. ??

Enjoy the ride!
Have a great day! We'll be posting more fun soon!!