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Unusual times, unusual opportunities...

Rescue llama and a friend
These are Unusual Times, have you noticed? Sometimes Unusual Times bring Unusual Opportunities....

My 1st Unusual Opportunity happened when a new friend called me this morning. She is a nurse on a week's break, and she wanted to add some adult male alpacas to her life so she has positive things at home to help her relax and take her mind off of the hospital. How many of you know that hanging out with alpacas can help lower your blood pressure? Many of us benefit from that aspect of alpaca ownership. ??

What is unusual about this call was that she wanted adult male alpacas, and I happened to have 4 that needed a home!

Here is her first sweet boy-- a rescue llama who needs a few buddies and a good shearer (who is coming in a few days).

Tomorrow she will be adding 4 of my sweet boys to her herd. You should have seen them when I put them together for the first time this morning. They all just sniffed each other and then went about their business. So sweet. I'm so happy they will have such a special life. I know they will be loved and cared for. This makes me so happy.


My 2nd Unusual Opportunity this week was also fun. I got to be an online panel member with the Southern California Fibershed for the Fashion Revolution discussing "What's In My Clothes?" Desert Churros also presented. The really fun part was being able to walk around the ranch and introduce people to my alpacas, show them some fleece I was skirting, and talk about how Earth Friendly and Sustainable alpacas and their fleece are....all on Earth Day! There were people on the call from all over the country.

For more information, contact:
Fashion Revolution, Nicholas Brown [email protected]
Southern California Fibershed, Lesley Roberts:
Desert Churros, Katherine Tucker: @desertchurros


My 3rd Unusual Opportunity this week was a call I got from the mom of a 4th grader. She called to see if she could order an Alpaca Zoom for a 4th grade class! I had recently posted this service on my website as well as my Facebook page. My daughter in Portland OR saw it and forwarded it to her friends and co-workers. One of her co-workers posted it, and one of her friends called me.

Don't you LOVE Social Media??

The mom who called paid me via PayPal, and I am now waiting for the teacher to call me so we can design this alpaca visit to her class. I already have the lesson plan in my head (4th grade teacher? That's my middle name!).

If we pulled off a Family Zoom with wiggly grandchildren, I am confident I can host an Alpaca Zoom.

And by the way.... if you or someone you know would like to have an Alpaca Zoom for a class, a party, a business meeting... Just send me an email. We will make it a good one!

Cindy HarrisAlpacas at Windy Hill ~Somis, CA~ 
[email protected]