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Quilt Batting- 100% Alpaca

Light As Air, Warm, Easy to Sew with
If you are a quilter, this batting will add incomparable value to the labor of love that quilting represents. The finished product will be a joy for the user.

Quilt Batting made from 100% Alpaca, lightly felted to hold its shape.
Light as a cloud and very warm, as opposed to cotton.
Hypoallergenic, unlike sheep's wool.
Lovely to work with, very clean and not greasy..
Thin batting so the finished quilt is soft and flexible, never stiff or heavy.

Each batt is 36" x 45"-- the perfect lap size. Custom sizes available on request.
Indulge yourself in the ultimate quilting experience.

Product Specifications
SIze 36" X 45"
Custom sizes on request
Production Method Machine carded on Brother Super Card
Lightly-felted on Felt Loom to hold its shape
Made on the ranch from our own alpacas