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Prepare to Dye!..fiber, that is--2.10.23

Learn toDye with Kool-Aid
Alpacas have beautiful natural colors, but once in awhile you want to have blue or green or pink... (I wish I could breed those colors into the herd!)
This class will explore the use of Kool-Aid-- a non-toxic dye that uses citric acid to fix color.
Participants may bring other clean, natural products to dye as well as materials provided by the instructors (have you got a spit-stained shirt to camoflage??).
See you then!

Product Specifications
Shipping & Handling Wear clothes that can be "splashed"!
Product Specs August 24
9 AM to 12 Noon
$75 per person, includes materials
Terms & Conditions

Wear clothes that can be "splashed"!