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Peace in the Pasture--12.16.23

A mini retreat for your soul
Have you ever said to yourself, "What I need is a day of peace and quiet to restore my soul"?
I sure have.
And I've found that alpacas, pastures, shade trees, the breeze, and a quiet place to sit go a long way toward meeting that need.

Join us for this restoring day. Bring your lunch, a book, a journal, your favorite folding chair, a hat and some sunscreen, then prepare yourself for a day of peace and quiet. Feel free to leave your electronic devices behind.

We will provide water, and some optional directed activities during the morning. When you finish your lunch, feel free to stay a bit longer. The alpacas are wonderfully restoring.

We look forward to helping you on your way.

Proceeds are a donation to The Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary, a 501c3, and tax deductible.

Product Specifications
Product Specs Peace in the Pasture
A mini retreat for your soul
Saturday, August 26
9 am through Lunch
$50 per person
Box Lunch Provided