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Meet Our Team

The Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary

Non-profit 501c3

Windy Hill has opened its doors to many who are investigating not just an alpaca career, but also a place of healing and peace for their souls. The Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary attempts to answer that call for Veterans, those in active military service, and those whose work style is better suited to an outdoor career. Alpacas provide sanctuary for all of us together.

Don & Tracy Pellegrino

Faith & Fleece Alpacas

Don & Tracy and I are loving doing alpacas together at Windy Hill. Their ranch name is Faith & Fleece Alpacas, but in many ways we are partners in our businesses and on the ranch. I couldn't do it without them!

Bev-Sue Powers

Archivist and Historian

Bev-Sue came to us about a year ago looking for a volunteer position in some yet-to-be-determined category. She found us through Fibershed where she is an active participant. While learning everything she can about alpacas and fleece, she has begun recording her experiences in a weekly blog. We invite you to read along.

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