Two Trees Alpacas ~ Read Our Opinion


The first time I saw the beauty and grace of a Suri as it raced through a pasture, I was completely hooked. I took the “leap of faith” and bought my first female Suri and cria before my husband could say, “Do you want to think about this a while longer?” I chose her based on three main criteria: her genetics, fleece, and offspring. I was able to get an accurate assessment of the Suri because I dealt with a breeder who is dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of Suris and the highest ethics of breeding. Had another Suri in that same pasture had fleece that had been shampooed, conditioned and treated, I may have chosen her instead, and been disappointed with my purchase after getting her home and seeing the “real” girl. I may have chosen to breed her to a certain male based on what I had seen. It wouldn’t be long before I would realize that I had been misled. Would I ever buy from a breeder like that again? Of course not. Thus begins the distrust amongst breeders. As a “newbie”, I rely heavily on show results and what I observe when seeing an alpaca firsthand. Skewing the results by breaking the show rules set forth by AOBA, hurts not only the individual breeder, but the strength of our national herd, something that all of us have a responsibility to uphold. It’s time for each of us to stand up and let everyone know that our Suris are amazing in their natural state.

Alison Marschewski ~ Two Trees Alpacas