Triple Z Alpaca Farm ~ Read Our Opinion


Here at The Triple Z Alpaca Farm, LLC, we have not 'YET' produced the perfect alpaca. However, we firmly believe that our Suri alpacas should be shown in their natural state according to the AOBA show rules and look forward to the competition. We are excited about this new venue to make judges and breeders aware of this rule violation in today's show ring. It's sad but in anything else... it is the rule breaker(s) that make it hard on the ones who play by the rules. We feel that showing alpacas that have been enhanced with shampoos, etc, is not a true representation of what an alpaca will produce in its cria. Of course, we are not geneticists, but if fiber enhancers, ie shampoos and conditioners, can come through in the genetic transfer, we'll eat all of our "old fiber"!

Maybe through this grassroots endeavor, we can come up wtih ways to make it easier for judges to tell the difference between natural and enhanced fiber. Whether through discussions and research or through lobbying AOBA, we look forward to helping to bring this problem to the forefront. Some may think that this isn't a big deal, but when you consider the difference between a champion and a 2nd place, it IS a BIG DEAL!! As of right now, this industry is driven by happens in the show ring, and the sooner we can find ways for judges to be able to tell the difference between natural and enhanced fiber, the better!

Kudos to Naturally Suri!

Mike & Anita Smith, Triple Z Alpaca Farm, LLC