StarGazer Suri Alpacas ~ Read Our Opinion


I am writing to thank Naturally Suri for supporting the movement to promote suri alpacas in their truest light – no over-grooming and no additives being applied to their fiber. This is pure deception on the part of the owners/groomers of these animals that find it necessary to alter their animal when showing these suris in the show ring and to potential buyers. We need to maintain an even playing field in the show ring so that these animals are judged fairly on their own attributes not the latest grooming product to hit the circuit! The judges have standards and guidelines to which they must adhere. Owners and groomers must adhere to these same standards also. It comes down to the simple fact that some owners/groomers find it necessary to cheat. Honesty should not be penalized! Suri alpacas are now being marketed with the phrase “Rarest of Breeds, Ultimate Natural Fiber”. How can we state that suris have “natural fiber” when it is being over-groomed, stripped and saturated with products to enhance the luster and handle. Please do not tarnish an industry that is striving to offer the public quality animals and a natural product with deception. This dishonesty of a few will reflect on us all. Fiber buyers are soon to be one of the most critical aspects of the fiber business; they should not have to deal with this issue in any form. Nor will they! Without delay, this issue needs to be addressed, defined and dealt with in no uncertain terms.

Kathie Geib