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Hooray for "Naturally Suri"!

I stopped showing my animals about 2 years ago, partially because I was tired of having my animal placed under an obviously shampooed and conditioned animal. I have actually been told by more than one breeder, how to go about it, so it would be undetectable by the judges at the shows. It is costly to be in a show, then add to it the cheating factor and it makes a lot more sense to just stay home!

At the first Futurity show I went to many years ago, I passed a stall where a man was actually braiding the individual locks of his suri the day before the judging. I was very new in the industry and thought he just really cared for his animals. . . . .

I believe our judges either need more training in what to look for in the area of cosmetic improvements, or some of the seasoned judges need replaced that must be "looking the other way" for certain breeders. If I go into the ring with any one of several, I can pretty much tell you who will place, and where, depending on the judge. I do not feel that this will change much until we adopt the standard of having the local FFA kids or paid handlers show the animals instead of the owners.

Get's old after awhile - and at a show, the ribbons you have hanging on the front panel of the pen do make a difference to some of the newbies passing by that are potential buyers. In most cases they don't have the education needed to understand this issue and will make a lot of their buying decision on "looks'.

I can not agree more with the other breeders that have commented on the natural beauty of the suri. They need no alterations to grace their pastures OR a show ring!

Sharlene Parks
Shaggy Chic` Suri Ranch