Hums of Faith Suris ~ Read Our Opinion


Thank you for promoting showing Suri alpacas in “pasture” condition.  We wholeheartedly subscribe to the belief that the Suri alpacas should be shown in their lustrous, beautiful natural state.  We also believe in shearing the animals on a yearly basis.
At our first show in 2007, we entered the ring with a 10 month old Suri Male.  He won a blue and subsequently won the reserve color championship.  The judge commented that he looked like “an unmade bed,” but that his natural qualities were clearly visible – we took the advice of seasoned alpaca owners and left him in the unshorn state for the next year.  Although he looked beautiful with those long Suri locks, and he did win blues and a color and reserve championship his second show season, his fleece was matted underneath, and I feel that his comfort was compromised by leaving him in full fleece during the hot summer.
From then on, we sheared all animals on a yearly basis.  Although the AOBA rules made allowances for previously shorn animals, it is the rare shorn animals who win the color champion or reserve banner.  Hopefully this will change as the judges begin to reward those farms who bring their alpacas in “pasture” condition to the show.  We also believe that it is all about the fiber, not just the show ribbons.
Jim and Lauri Konyn
Hums of Faith Suris