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The enforcement of anti grooming rules is important because it’s about so much more than just ribbons. Many breeders, myself included, tend to put a lot of stock in the show results. These results can be a useful tool to help identify superior genetics ONLY IF all alpacas are shown in natural paddock condition. When breeders who practice illegal grooming are rewarded in the show ring, they may do well for their own farm but they set back the national herd. They enter a fraud into the breeding pool and continue to promote that fraud with slick advertizing to the unaware. When we buy breedings or breeding stock, it is with the expectation that we are introducing a superior attribute into our own herd. We need to support breeders who play by the rules and stop rewarding those who don’t. We also need to recognize that we have some very talented judges. They spend a lot of time trying to fairly evaluate each alpaca. We should let them know that we support their efforts to create and maintain an environment in which the results will be relevant for all of us.

Kristina Flegel
Dos Doñas Alpaca Farm, LLC