Alpacas of El Dorado ~ Read Our Opinion


We are breeders of both suri and huacaya alpacas and are strong supporters of the no grooming policy that Naturally Suri advocates. The suri alpaca is a graceful and elegant creature in their natural state and the quality of the fiber they produce needs to be assessed without any artificaial enhancements. Knowing what attributes a male or female can produce in terms of fiber quality in their natural state is extremely important in being able to make informed breeding decisions in order to continue to improve the fiber quality and characteristics we are looking for in successive generations.

In terms of the show ring the practice of grooming suri alpacas to appear more lustrous or individually locked is plain and simple cheating. Grooming suri alpacas that are being sold either individually or through auction is plain and simple stealing.

The integrity of our industry and its long term survival is dependent on everyone competing and showing their suri alpacas fairly without any artificial enhancements.


Scott and Laurie Findlay
Alpacas of El Dorado