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The Alpaca Business

  • Top notch breeding stock. Livestock for your small farm. Fiber production. Your own mill.
  • Raising alpacas is a sound and profitable investment for a wide range of situations. Whether you own a small piece of property of a couple of acres, manage several hundred acres, or have no acreage of your own, there is an opportunity to participate in the growing alpaca industry.
  • Imagine hugging your investment! What would it be like to have your portfolio hum to you? The lovely and lucrative alpaca can provide you with refreshing new ways to increase your income and enjoy life.
  • Each alpaca born in the US is blood-typed before registering, and almost all American alpacas are registered. This practice helps keep our American standards high, our animals healthy, and our breeding practices more focused on growing the best alpaca fiber in the world. Alpacas are also fully insurable for mortality and theft, making your investment safer. You can't do that with the Stock Market!
  • You can approach Alpaca ranching from different perspectives. Many ranchers own and board a few alpacas on small properties zoned for livestock, even in the city. Some choose to expand, and have several acres in a more rural setting. Still others with no land of their own choose to board their alpacas.-- pay a fee to have their animals fed and cared for on someone else's property while reaping the benefits of ownership. Over 15 alpaca owners have chosen to board their animals at Alpacas at Windy Hill.
  • Alpacas are an easy livestock to manage, even for first-time owners. They require minimal fencing and shelter, and a simple diet of hay, grain, grass and supplements, similar to other herbivorous herd animals. They are gentle and naturally shy, making them a particularly good livestock choice for families with children.
  • The current demand for fiber is far greater than what we are able to produce in the United States. Because alpacas reproduce at a slow rate (gestation is 11 months), developing the national herd will be the focus of the alpaca industry for the next several years. Fiber production is the end goal, so the number of alpacas needs to increase. This makes the demand for alpacas higher, as well as the prices. A wonderful opportunity is open today for profit as well as tax advantages in the alpaca industry.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Are you interested in having a few animals to produce fiber for your personal use? Would you like to breed alpacas to coincide with your current lifestyle? Are you thinking about beginning a herd now to provide for your future income?
  • There is no time like the present to visit us! There is nothing like that first time a cria nuzzles your hand, or standing in the pastures hearing mothers and crias humming to each other.
  • As an industry, we are a group of small entrepreneurs who are working together to build a national herd so the US will have plenty of the wonderful luxury fiber for the next generation of fashion products.
  • There are small ranches with 3 or 4 alpacas, and large ranches with well over 100 animals. Nationwide, the average ranch has approximately 8-10 animals. Many of these small ranches have been able to produce award-winning alpacas. And don't forget about the possibility of agisting-- boarding your animals on an established ranch, either temporarily while you prepare your facilities, or permanently if you plan to maintain your present lifestyle.
  • With just over 230,000 alpacas in the United States today, there is a great need for expansion in order to meet the future demand for fiber. A larger initial investment gives you a headstart in building your herd. And how many other investments can you count on to reproduce themselves every year? Call Alpacas at Windy Hill and plan a visit today. There is no better time than right now to begin your adventure into the investment you can hug. Alpacas are the most wonderful livestock around, and they produce fiber that can be turned into the world's most luxurious clothing.
  • We welcome your calls and inquiries, and we would love the opportunity to introduce you the Happy Herd at Windy Hill. Read Our Alpaca Story...


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