The Gold Coast Fibershed began as an affiliate of Fibershed in Northern California. We have grown into a bioregion of farmers, designers, artists, crafters, manufacturers and interested individuals living in most of Southern California.
The following counties are included:

Los Angeles
San Benito
San Bernardino
San Diego
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara

Shared Values
We represent a regional textile network dedicated to eco-friendly "Soil-to-Skin" materials and practices. We adhere to basic Fibershed tenets:

Our resource base is located within a 250 mile radius of Alpacas at Windy Hill in Somis, California.

Fibers and botanic dyes used in our products are grown in the region.

Labor is sourced within the region.

Until the region has its own cotton and fine woolen mill, Gold Coast Fibershed may verify goods from farmers that have been sent out for milling.*

Sewing thread and notions may also be verified from outside the region until it is made locally.*

Many arts and skills needed for this project are on the verge of extinction in our fast-paced society where the value of "process" is over-looked in the quest for "product", and the electronic screen has replaced face-to-face interaction and mutual respect in the name of "more" instead of "better".

To address these issues, Gold Coast Fibershed will offer classes and workshops designed to revive these diminishing arts, including knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving, felting, and sewing. These classes and workshops will encourage multi-generational learning and family activities, as well as teaching highly-focused skills.

Micro Economy and Public Awareness
To help establish the GC Fibershed micro economy, we will promote Fibershed Festivals, Fairs and other educational and sales opportunities throughout the region. Members of Gold Coast Fibershed are encouraged to host Fibershed events in their local areas to increase public awareness of Fibershed principles and promote the sale of goods, as well as seeking local venues for the sale of Fibershed goods.

*Although GC Fibershed may verify these items, it is still preferable to have them made within the region when possible.

Gold Coast Fibershed ~ Somis CA ~ www.alpacalink.com/GCFSite/index.html ~ fibershed@alpacalink.com